Hanatech Ultrascope Digital Oscilloscope

- 25 Mega Sample / Second (dual channel)
- 50 Mega Sample / Second (single channel)
- Bandwidth: DC 1MHz
True RMS Digital multi-meter
- DC V, AC V, Ohm, Continuity test, Optional function
- RPM, Duty Cycle, Dwell Angle, Pulse Width, Frequency
USB interfaces
320X240 graphic LCD with extra bright back light display

  • 2 Channel Hand Held lab scope with all leads and connectors included!
  • Use this lapscope package with any vehicle platfom: Gas, Diesel, Heavy Duty or Hybrid!
  • Internal Ni-Mh Battery for easy use when moving around the vehicle!
    • 2 hours usage with screen back lite on
    • 3 hours usage with screen back lite off
  • Includes both AC Charger and DC power cabling!
  • Multiple Sensor Presets (19) provide for quick set ups and a faster learning curve!
  • Primary and Secondary Ignition patterns!
  • True RMS Multi-Meter functions including;
    • DC Volts, AC Volts, Continuity Test, Ohms, Frequency, Duty Cycle and Dwell
  • Sample Rates as high as 50M samples/second!
  • Bandwidth of 1 Meg DC coupled!
  • Sweep Rates adjustable from 1u/second to 5 seconds!
  • Selectable AC or DC coupling!
  • Record Mode of up to 512 Screen saves in single shot mode!
  • Custom carrying/storage case includes compartments for all leads and accessories!