The Hanatech range of diagnostic tools are incredible value, and they’re constantly being developed and improved.
The market here in New Zealand is like no other, and it is why we work in close conjunction with the Hanatech engineers to create a product that will continue to be the best value for money diagnostic tool in the market for a long time to come.

With this in mind, the need for users to run updates and keep subscriptions upto date is paramount. However, we are aware that this is not quite the case, and we fear that some of you may not be getting the best options that could be available for you and your clientele?

At Petroject, we thrive on feedback from our clients, and use this as a means to deliver the service that suits you best. With this in mind, we would greatly appreciate a brief moment of your time to fill this questionaire. This WILL help us help you immensely, and as always, we welcome all feedback from you, our respected friend and client.

Thanks guys.