This all inclusive kit features a boost/vacuum gauge, Fuel pressure,
and critically, Fuel flow, or volume testing.

If your fuel flow is compromised by a poor (cavitating) pump, your fuel pressure alone, will not diagnose it! You must have sufficient volume at all loads or starvation will occur.

Get this kit now, and you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.


1. Fuel pressure test
2. Fuel flow test
3. Engine intake manifold vacuum test
4. Backpressure in exhaust manifold test
5. Various connectors to fit most vehicles

1. Range of fuel pressure: 0~800Kpa
2. Range of fuel flow: 0.5~3L/min
3. Range of intake air vacuum: -100~0Kpa
4. Range of backpressure: 0~60Kpa
5. Dimensions: 431X115X374mm
6. Weight: 3.5Kg
7. Temperature: -18~+50
8. Material of package: ABS plastic