Fantastic fault finder for exhaust, & WHOLE car intake leaks. NO you can’t just use ether(!) because you cannot access the whole engine. This method, accurately & safely pin-points the leak with visble, harmless smoke.
The car is experiencing unstable idling, poor drivability, bad fuel economy, etc. Yet a scan tool finds “NO DTC” and a tune scope dosen’t give you any clue.

How frustrating! Definitely it’s time to consider a leak. Do not hesitate to give it a try with Hanatech’s Leak Detector. It will help you pin point the exact leaking location in a few minutes:

Smoketest1Work efficiently. Be cost Effective. Save hours of wasted labor time. Hanatech, a brand leading high-tech diagnostic equipment manufacturer, has added the leak detector to its range of world famous diagnostic products. This quality product offers you a low tech / high tech solution with great new features.
It represents fantastic value for money and will give you cost and labor time savings for years to come.

Remember. The only way to start your diagnostics is back to basics.
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