The BAT 110 offers a wide range of functionalities at a low price. This makes it the ideal allrounder for fast, uncomplicated and reliable battery tests. Thus, it is ideally suited for automotive workshops, used car dealers, car fleets, paint and body workshops as well as for roadside assistance.
Battery test in the twinkling of an eye
The workshop can now quickly test commercially available 12 V starter batteries, making the BAT 110 well-suited for all standard, maintenance free, AGM and gel batteries.
Suitable for all common test standards
The BAT 110 covers a broad spectrum of test standards commonly encountered in the workshop (EN / DIN / SAE / IEC / CCA). A conversion table is provided on the back of the device for the JIS standard.
Multifunctional application opportunities
Test of the charge state, battery diagnosis, voltmeter, starter system test and charging system test.
Clear signals immediately visible
The BAT 110 is intuitive and easy to operate: The test results are immediately and clearly visible on the 4-digit numeric display as well as via three LED indicators.
Reliability through documentation
The new BAT 110 is provided with detailed operating instructions in 14 languages.