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Hanascan 10

Evolution of the Hanatech scanners see the eagerly awaited
Hanascan 10 – borne from research in New Zealand

•10.1” TFT Color LCD Touch Screen
• Wi-Fi / Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
• OEM Level Diagnostic S/Ws
• User Friendly User Interface
• Key Coding
• Borescope and Camera
• All Communication Protocols

• TPM(Trusted Platform Module) H/W Security System
• Fast Booting and Large Memory(SSD 128GB)

The all new Hanascan 10 with Windows XP embedded,

Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-fi and USB 2.0 connectivity.

A fast PC based diagnostic scan module, light, robust and designed for low power

consumption. Common features include; feedback system self test, monitoring,

key coding, OEM level diagnostic software and all communication protocols.


• Intel® AtomTM N270 with 1.6 GHz

• Windows® XP Embedded

• 2 GB DDR2 (400/533) SO-DIMM RAM

• Large Memory (SSD 128GB)

• Borescope (optional) with Video Recording

• Li-ion 5200mAh Rechargeable Battery

• 10.1” TFT Color LCD (1024×600) Touch Screen

• Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR & Wi-Fi (802.11 b,g,n)

• Intel® 82574L 10/100/1000 Mbit LAN Port x 1EA

• Up to QXGA (2048×1536) VIDEO OUT Port x 1EA

• USB 2.0 x 2EA


Hanascan 70

• PC-Based Diagnostic Scanner Module

• Light and Robust Design

• USB 2.0 Interface

• RF Wireless(2.4GHz) Communication

• 32 / 64Bit CPU Operation

• OEM Level Diagnostic Software

The Hanascan 10 and Hanascan 70 are both simple to use with user friendly design, efficient, clear easy to navigate software, contain large memory and offer valuable functionality and superior compatibility with Windows OS.
The Hanascan 70 has Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-fi and USB 2.0 connectivity.
The Hanascan is a PC based diagnostic scan module, light, robust and designed for low power consumption. Common features include; feedback system self test, monitoring, key coding, OEM level diagnostic software and all communication protocols.
Furthermore another option is the standalone automotive Oscilloscope that provides accurate measurement data. The Hanatech offers digital graphing multi meter, pulse generator, automotive component autoset, ignition waveform analyser and a 12bit high resolution on a 10.1 inch TFT color LCD touch screen.



Software updates: Enhanced CAN Coverage on Honda, Toyota, Nissan Mitsubishi – Module Programming functions on Toyota Vehicles – Subaru Coverage – TPMS Programming for Asian vehicles – Lexus module programming functions – Injector Programming on Fords – Injector Calibration on Renaults – Electronic Parking Brake Actuation functions – and much more…including our new dedicated key coding application ‘YESKEY’ which is also available to add onto your existing Hanatech system and download as an optional extra.

Download the latest version of Host-Pro from this link here

Please note for users of the following units:
Multiscan / Multiscan PLUS / DCN Pro / JK100 / Ultrascan / Ultrascan II / Ultrascan Plus This does not apply to Multiscan P1 and Ultrascan P1 users.

As a consequence of all the new software additions over the last 10 years, there is now the need to upgrade from the existing 128 MB Card, to our new 512MB card. This simple card upgrade ensures that your unit remains future proof and ready for all the new software yet to come in the foreseeable future. Card Upgrade RRP $450 + GST



Hanatech Multiscan P1

P1_new shape_2wFinally, a scan tool for the masses.
As we say, the most bang for your buck! Hanatech’s MultiScan is currently the best automotive scantool available for the automotive aftermarket.

A high quality compact scan tool that mirrors original factory equipment, manufactured using Hanatech’s 16 years of scan tool experience.

Boasts all the features and fully functioning software of more expensive units, Activation, Adaptation, Reset Basic Settings.

Petroject NZ Ltd is the official Hanatech Distributor and Authorised Service Agent in NZ.

Extensive Multiscan provides the extensive coverage for most Asian and European vehicles as well as various smaller local manufactures.
Complete Multiscan provides complete coverage for various control systems not to mention the ECM or PCM also supports extended functions activation, reset basic settings, adaptation, repair guides, etc.

Reliable 512MB large capacity memory includes all software applications on board. Built in canbus interface, no need for any external ultraplexing modules. No additional cost spending for optional software package – only a 16pin OBD2 adapter will enable you to test all carts with OBD2 data link connector up to manufacturer specific level regardless of brand name.

Flexible Multiscan provides realtime PC interface and Windows based software updates through both serial and USB connections.
The Multiscan is already designed to support CAN communication, the future communication protocol, is here now and users can take comfort from Multiscan’s longevity. The Multiscan has been designed to interface with gas analysers for real time driving events. Monitoring of all important systems capable of providing serial data and also gas analysis on the same screen The multiscan having a USB interface and being CAN Enabled is the most future proof investment of the present and offers great quality and coverage all for a very reasonable price.

Cables & Connectors
1 x Data link cable
1 x KIA 20 pin

1 x Mazda, Ford, KIA
1 x Mitsubishi, Hyundai 12 pin 
1 x Ssangyong 20 pin
1 x Ssangyong 14 pin
1 x Mercedes 38 pin
1 x Mercedes 4 pin
1 x BMW 20 pin
1 x VW 2 x 2 cable
1 x Holden 6 pin
1 x Ford 20 pin
1 x Ford 7 pin
1 x Ford Standard connector
1 x Toyota 17 pin (rect)
1 x Toyota 17 pin (semi-circle)
1 x Mazda 17 pin (semi-circle)
1 x GM Daewoo 12 pin
1 x Nissan, Samsung 14 pin
1 x Subaru 9 pin
1 x Honda 3 pin
1 x Chrysler 6 pin
1 x OBD-II Mitsubishi
1 x OBD-II 16 pin
1 x Power cable (external 12v supply)
1 x Power cable (internal 12v supply)
1 x Upgrade cable


  • Ergonomic high tech design, super tough over mold construction technology and user friendly compact size
  • Onboard big capacity 128 MB memory for world vehicle coverage Japanese, Korean, GM. Ford and
  • European vehicle. Where ever you live the Multiscan has it covered.
  • Extra large backlit super clear colour LCD display.
  • CAN protocol enabled for 2008 CAN implementation.
  • Easy software updates through internet or CD.
  • Data stream graphical display functions for easy viewing.
  • “black box” record functions, save and replay events as they happen.
  • Actuator test prove the inputs and outputs and check continuity of circuits.
  • Connector location guide, wiring diagrams, scan tool and fault code help menus.
  • Real-time PC interface through USB.
Additional Features

  • The standard, 3 year product Warranty
  • All Cables and connectors fully included
  • Free Internet based updates for 2 years from date of purchase..!!
  • Integrated CAN and J1850 Hardware

This combination makes our Multiscan Package Truly second to none and now gives the award winning Multiscan system even more reason to be the fastest growing scan tool in the UK!

Technical Specification

CPU   Dual 16bit 33MHz Processor
Memory   1 Mbyte SRAM
Program Cartridge Card   512Mbyte built-in Flash memory
LCD   320X240 Monochrome Graphic LCD with Backlight
Key Pad   20 Membrane keys, embossing type
Communication Port   USB and RS232
Power Supply   12 Volt DC – Vehicle Battery – Cigarette Lighter – AC/DC Converter

Hanatech Hostpro

  Please follow this link to download the current version of the HostPro updating software. Updates to HostPro is ongoing, Or, follow the link below and use the Host Name and password provided. Please note that Username and password ARE case sensitive.

ID : hanaguest / PW : Hana13579


Improvements include….

1. Notification function is added.
- When you start updater in the HostPro, notification message will be displayed.
2. OS version checking function is added.
3. LiveUpdate is updated.
4. User Interface is improved.

* Supported platforms : Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit, Windows 8.
Previous version users have to download and re-install Host-Pro Ver 1.76

Update Stability Improved.

- When the internet is disconnected intermittently during downloading S/W of vehicle makers, the downloading vehicle maker S/W can be faulty or diagnosis might not be possible. So update stability for Host Pro is improved for whole update completion.

Vehicle Maker S/W Listing Speed Improved.

- When connecting to Host Pro, the listing speed of vehicle maker S/W is improved.
Supported Flatforms : Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit. Windows 8.
Previous version users have to download and re-install Ver 1.71 from Hanatech website.
because HostPro Ver 1.74 does not support self-live update.